This site is  dedicated to amateur radio.

I have several basic interests in radio:

        Home brew: building my own rigs. 

        antennas: modeling, building, and using.

        Software Defined Radio “In the QRP Tradition”....

            (building my own hardware and writing my own code)

Some time ago I became interested in providing tools to the amateur radio community.  To that end, I wrote a Smith chart program I call “SimSmith”.  It provides real time plotting of Smith charts and SWR plots.  You can find it on my Smith_Charts page.  This program is the result of literally years of use.  It has benefited greatly from feedback by the user community.  Many folks comment on how intuitive it is to get started.  Of course, with many years of development there are features which are, well, less ‘in your face’ and it is well worth reading the documentation to get a feel for the kinds of things it can do.

I also wrote a program called DSPExplorer which allows you to write and debug DSP programs.  DSPExplorer provides an Integrated Development Environment containing a program editor, a compiler, schematic capture, and scope/spectrum analyzer all in one package.

My thanks and, again, welcome


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